Bali Prewedding Trip Promo

Create a truly memorable lifetime experience on your journey to marriage beginning with this Bali Prewedding Trip package. In a beautiful land filled with great beaches, and natural sites. We have got everything you need covered in this package! This promo valid until July 2016.

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Le' Motion Photo 4th Anniversary!

Smiles and happiness are the heart of Le Motion. To create an eternal moment of two people in love and to capture memories that will last forever is where our passion is at.

In this 4th anniversary, we would like to thank all of our partners for what we have achieved together, until now. Thank you for sharing this beautiful adventures, moments and joys with us.

We are truly honored to have an opportunity to work alongside with the most talented and hard working people in this wedding business.

To the super man and super woman out there, who disguise themself as the wedding organisers for making it happen. To the magic hand of amazing make up artist who create the flawless brides looks, to the creative fashion designers who put their hearty effort in creating the most dreamy dresses, to the mission impossible team managing to create the wildest fantasy of the bride and groom aka the decoration team and to the great venues out there, we truly cherish every second that we shared together.

Let’s continue this journey together and create more smiles.

Le' Motion wouldn't have had this huge success and wouldn't be where it is today, without YOU!

4th Anniversary from Le' Motion on YouTube.


Putri & Adit Prewedding

The best advice we can give for your prewedding session would be just let everything comes naturally. Have fun and be who you are, like these lovebirds did for their prewedding session a few months ago. They wanted their prewedding session to be magically unique. Putri reached out to us and asked if we would be able to share some ideas for their prewedding shoot. They wanted to have vintage and casual theme, so they decided to take the shoot in studio. We used authentic vintage decor pieces and accents. Putri and Adit got dolled up with the gorgeous outfits for this session.

Ever since we met them, we knew that they both have a strong chemistry between each other. They both also has a very fun personality and inspiring love story that makes everyone who is around them feel blessed that God made them together. This couple looks so excited to be married! Their vibrant personalities made this prewedding shoot a special one to be remembered. So much fun was had. And we truly hope you enjoy scrolling through this page to see these cuties on their prewedding session.


Intan & Giram Wedding (Pernikahan adat Palembang - Palembang)

Intan and Giram are survivors of a long distance relationship. As Giram was occupied with his works, Intan was preparing their wedding with the help from family and close friends. These fact did nothing to discourage Intan, in fact she did it all with pure joy.

Due to the nature of their work, as Intan is based in Palembang and Giram works in other city that makes their relationship already a challenge. It was an honor for us when this busy couple managed to do their prewedding shoot in Jakarta last year. Before the prewedding photoshoot, we only had one meeting with them, however this love bugs treated us like old friends from the beginning of our meeting, which made everyone feeling at ease and relax during the prewedding photoshoot that day.

In the end of last year, Intan and Giram had their wedding in Palembang. During our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by Intan herself. Unfortunately, Giram was still out of town due to his work assigment and we did not have the chance to meet him. The wedding matrimony was held in Intan's residence with the attendance from both families. The matrimony went sacred and as planned. Thus, Intan and Giram also held the traditional wedding ceremony. The ceremony goes with the elements of Palembang themes called suap-suapan and cacap-cacapan. On the suap-suapan ceremony the Bride and Groom are feeding each other with food where the groom gives the bride a mouthful of yellow steamed rice and so does the bride. Both parents and grandparents also join the tradition with words of wisdom. They splash the water that has been used for the cacap-cacapan ceremony to the Bride and Groom. This procession is a symbol of the hope from the parents that the bride and groom will always have a clear mind, positive thinking, and a high purpose in marriage life.

The next day the wedding reception was held in Novotel Hotel and Residence, Palembang. Blue was the color chosen by Intan and Giram for their wedding. In the Palembang traditional procession, the ceremony was started with a Tarian Pagar Pengantin dance which has a deep meaning was performed by Intan. It represents the departure of the bride from her single life and to her marriage life. Our most memorable moment was when Intan and Giram gave a surprise for Intan's father as he was having a birthday on that day. The grandchildren of Intan's father suddenly walked to the aisle while singing 'Happy Birthday' song followed by all the wedding attendees. The wedding of Intan and Giram went grand and merrier, we felt the joyful and warm atmosphere at the reception. Intan and Giram gave us an amazing wedding present with the element of Palembang culture in its core.

It has been a pleasure for us to work and being involved in their wedding and we wish Intan and Giram a very happy marriage life.

The Vendors :

Wedding Organizer : Vinca Wedding

Make up : Bennu make up

Kebaya : Vera Kebaya

Beskap : Berkat Kebaya

Decoration : Tenni Andriany

Venue : Grand Ballroom Novotel, Palembang