Culture Revolve - Betawi & Flores

Hello! We’ve got one exciting thing and we can’t wait to share to y’all! For our latest project, we have collaborated with Dalang Indonesia to present you all with the majestic Indonesian culture. And this time, our photoshoot theme highlights the strong Betawi and Flores artistic culture. 
We’ve got a deep love for Jakarta as it has been our sole place where we stay and live. For that we reason, we chose to uplift Betawi’s culture. Also, we put soft pastel colors on show this time instead of the usual bright and fun colors with hope to inspire more bride-to-be and art enthusiasts out there. Dalang Indonesia helped us out in the making of the backdrop by pairing a pink pastel with a sky-blue Tumpal fabric together with a yellow flower in the centre.
On top of that, we unveiled Flores culture as an addition touch to our project. Last year, we had a chance to travel and explore Flores. The breathtaking scenery and the people’s warmth will always resonate us for a long time and we want you all to feel it, too!
 Dalang Indonesia built a forest miniature, which made us feel like we were in a real Flores nature. And the attire worn in the photoshoot is Tenun Ikat Flores that made up of natural materials. It may takes around 6 months to a year to weave the textiles.
Lastly, Le Motion wishes this Culture Revolve project will show people the natural and cultural resources wealth of Indonesia is beyond imagination.

Model : @amiwaw
Makeup : @ochiipramita
Hair do : @ratnabela
Kebaya : @belsbee 
Top : @satustudios
Tenun ikat : @noesa.satu
Accessories : @noesa.satu
Decoration : @dalangindonesia
Photographer : @andriazmo
Stylist : @wiarpinaardin


Ayu & Adli Wedding

Ayu and Adli is one of our favorite couples. A little story about Ayu and Adli, both of them actually have known each other since 2008. Then, at that time Ayu had to continue her study in Milan, Italy. Then she came back to Jakarta in 2013. And in the early 2014, they declared their relationship as a couple of lovers. After going through two years of courtship, Adli finally decided to propose Ayu. Adli proposed Ayu in her birthday on November 3, 2015 by giving Ayu a surprise, namely saying his marriage proposal while having dinner with Ayu's family. 

Ayu and Adli is a couple that greatly admire a wedding with traditional themes. Ayu coming from Java and Adli coming from Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, and at the end, they and the family agreed to bring the concept of marriage with a blend of Javanese and Minang cultures.

Because the concept of this marriage is a blend between two cultures, Ayu and Adli are equally getting new things. It is a unique things for Adli and family when they perform siraman ceremony that comes from Javanese tradition. "This is a first time for us to do one of Javanese traditional ceremonies. We see it as a thing that is full of symbol and very exciting to do "Said Adli at that time.

There is a thing that attracts our attention during the reception of Ayu and Adli. At the beginning of Kirab procession, Ayu and Adli walked toward the decorated wedding seat with the procession of Javanese custom. When in the middle of way, they give a surprise with a welcoming dance from Minang tradition, which directs both the bride and groom toward the decorated wedding seat. The transition process of Javanese tradition and Minang tradition is a unique idea of Adli's Father. All the people coming are very happy watching the procession filled with Indonesia's culture.

Ayu and Adli truly make everything outstanding. The marriage filled with the richness of two cultures until Ayu's favorite colors really make everything look beautiful from all sides. This is the reason why we greatly admire this couple. Hopefully Ayu and Adli can inspire other couples in realizing their dream wedding. 



The Vendors :

Wedding Organizer : Tiara Josodirdjo Associates

Make up & Hair do Akad : Mamie Hardo

Make up Resepsi : Upanduvan

Attire ( Pengajian) : AVA Collection

Kebaya Siraman & Midodareni: Merras Official 

Kebaya Akad & Resepsi : Anaz Official

Decoration : Stupa Caspea

Decoration on Adli's siraman : Aerin Decor

Pelaminan : Des Iskandar Wedding

Lighting : Lumens Indo

Entertainment : Dwiki Dharmawan Orchestra

Venue : The Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta