Mazaya & Aldhi Mitoni Ceremony - Upacara Adat Jawa 7 Bulan

We couldn't describe the joy we get when we meet Mazaya & Aldhi again, let alone being given another chance to capture their special occasion. We certainly have built such a great chemistry with this lovely couple, it felt like it was only yesterday when Le' Motion shot their engagement and the big day in Jakarta and Ponorogo. 

Now in favour of celebrating Mazaya's first pregnancy, Mazaya & Aldhi trusted us one more time to capture and be a part of their joyous day. This particular ceremony is a traditional Javanese pregnancy custom known as Mitoni. Mitoni takes place on the seventh month of the pregnancy. As part of Mitoni, the mother-to-be is showered with water with flowers while performing prayers. This ritual is thought to keep the baby and the mother healthy until the labour day.

Wrapped in cherry-red kebaya, brushed by Bennu Sorumba, there was something special about Mazaya's beauty that day. The excitement on her face is so precious, it radiates deep from within.

We know that you two will make an awesome parent! 
We wish Mazaya a safe and healthy delivery. 

We hope that whenever you and Aldhi look upon these photos we took, they don't just tell you the story, but it can instantly transport you back to the moments all over again. Many thanks to you two and your families for being more than just a client, but a lifetime friend to us. This solid friendship we have is truly one priceless gift for us to cherish.

With love,
Le' Motion
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

The Vendors:
Organiser: @pranatacara
Venue: @terracesenayan
Make up: @bennusorumba
Adat: @sanggar_tien_santoso
Decoration: @rumahkampungdecor
Catering: @sonokembangjakarta


The Grand Wedding of Zee & Anjar with Pedang Pora Procession

This may not be our first time photographing a wedding showcasing Pedang Pora ceremony in it, 
but the wedding of Zee & Anjar's was just unlike any other. Everything about their attires, the decorations, the festivities, you name it --- sparkled a little extra that day. It almost felt like the world stopped to celebrate their union as it was so fascinating and moving for everyone to witness.

To give you a little background of their relationship, they didn't get to see each other whenever they want, because they were thousand miles apart from each other. But what we admire most from them is that to Zee & Anjar, distance was never a problem. They saw it more like a challenge that their love conquered eventually. They even felt like the distance between them has somehow weaved an unbreakable bond between them. Teamwork, trust, and patience were the key to the success of it before they finally took their relationship to the next stage of life, as one.

Zee & Anjar kicked off their wedding celebrations with the impressive Pedang Pora ceremony.
Two rows of military service members were lining up, facing each other. Each individual was holding a sword and raising it up high against each other, forming a roofed-entrance for the newlyweds to walk under.

The couple has all the guests spoiled with the top notch assortments of food, fresh fruits, desserts and more! Everyone was well-entertained, too, because Rendy Pandugo, the Indonesian rising star, and Krisdayanti, the notable Indonesian Diva, were also in attendance at the party! 

Moreover, the most awaited part of the day was of course, when Zee sang in front of everyone. The second we heard her voice, the only thing that crossed our mind was "Who needs a wedding singer when the bride can put on a terrific show of her own?". Zee is not only beautiful in the face but her voice is so easy to fall in love with. She also had a duet with Krisdayanti at last. 

Anjar will remain mesmerised for eternity every time he cherished the way Zee looked that day. All girls have every reason to be jealous of Zee, too, as Anjar was sharply-dressed in his suit of uniform.

Congratulations, once again, on the magnificent wedding, Zee & Anjar! 
Know that every sacrifices and hard work of you two make the journey all worthwhile. 
So here's to the rest of forever, together.

Le' Motion Photo
"A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters"

The Vendors
Tim Pedang Pora PMJ: @metrojaya86 @humaspoldametrojaya
Organiser: @agung_weddingorganizer
Venue: @bidakaragrandpancoranjkt
Decoration: @dewadecoration
Lighting: @hollyqueenproduction
Catering: @puspacatering @titiek.puspa
Make up: @bennusorumba
Siger Sanggah Maharani: @ennynurdjanah
Nail art: @febiindriani1902
Website Invitation: @bow.bei
Souvenir: @winawawan
Guest Stars: @krisdayantilemos @rendypandugo
Hosts: @fahrezirgi @novita_911_ik
Wedding Music: @zeemusicband
Sundanese Traditional Dance: @lkp_sanggar_indra_kusuma
Photography & Videography: @lemotionphoto