Raihan's Tedak Siten (Adat Jawa)

A happy moment at this time comes from Sabrina and her little family. Sabrina and her husband have held a Tedak Siten for their child, Raihan. Tedak Siten is cultural heritage from Javanese community for babies aged about 7 to 8 months. Tedak siten ceremony is conducted as a series of events which aims to make the child growing into an independent child. Certainly in this event, there are full of prayers from the parents and family for the child who will grow up to be an adult later.

Tedak Siten ceremony is a form of gratitude from Sabrina and her husband, who have been blessed with a baby boy, so that they have more complete life. And surely, Tedak Siten ceremony has various meanings in each stage of the ritual. This indigenous culture is held as a tribute to the earth where the child sets foot on the ground for the first time, as a plea to God that in the future the child is given the ease, health, and success in his lives. 

The event was festive and full of joy. The event was also attended by relatives and families who deliberately wanted to enliven the event of Tedak Siten for little Raihan. A series of Tedak Siten ceremonies was guided by a host of Javanese custom namely Mrs. Mamie Hardo. Many times we collaborate with Mrs. Mamie Hardo and this time it looked a bit different because we were not working together in a marriage ceremony, but in the Tedak Siten event of this happy small family. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to capture Tedak Siten moment for Raihan. We hope that our work could be enjoyed until Raihan grows up later.