Hallo again Palembang! Really nice to see you again. And we were there for Shinta & Ari wedding day. Yes, it was really such a great opportunity for us that we could visiting this beautiful city with a lot of delicious culinary and absolutely the culture which made us so in love with. For us, it felt like we’re on a holiday not for a work, actually :)
Shinta & Ari wedding was great! The bride looked so beautiful with her wedding gown and makeup. So does Ari, he looked nice on his wedding costume. Everything run perfectly, all of the people looked enjoy and happy about Sinta & Ari wedding. So here are their wedding photos in Palembang culture…

Akad Nikah:
Makeup by Marlene hariman

Wedding Reception:
Makeup by Marlene Hariman
Wedding dress by Ferry Sunarto
Venue at Aryaduta Hotel, Palembang