The Woman's Bravery Alexandra Asmasoebrata

Bravery is not something you are born with.  It comes through building self-confidence, risk taking and daring to make your dream come true.

All of the criteria above we can find it in Alexandra Asmasoebrata, the First Indonesian Woman Racer that daring enough to challenger herself in order to chase her dream to become a race driver and compete in a men dominated sport like racing.  For those reasons above, we ask her to share her story in this program "The Woman's Bravery".

Andra, shortened from Alexandra Asmasoebrata, was introduced to the racing world through her Father at the age of 12. At first she was just trying to please her father, but before she knew it she already fell in love with the racing world and managed to get a range of accomplishments both nationally and internationally.

According to Andra whenever she was in the driver seat during a competition she tried her best to conquer her fear and focus on finishing or even winning the race, "as long as we meet the requirements of safety then we can focus on winning" she added.

Besides her career as a racer she is also a sport presenter for an Indonesian TV network . Although it is a completely new world for her, she wants to gain knowledge and grow herself outside of the racing world. To try something new she will brace herself as long as it has a positive impact on her.

The photo shoot concept was inspired by none other than our young, energetic and yet brave Alexandra Asmasoebrata herself, combined with the true nature of Tropical Indonesia that makes the photo session so bright and colorful bringing out the two perspectives of Alexandra Asmasoebrata both tough and warm.

At the end of our session with Andra, once again encourages people not to be afraid to reach out for their dreams, and try their best to everything they ever want to be.

Make up : Lizzie Parra

Hair do : Olyvia Awuy

Stylist : Sissy Dharmawan

Attire : TOPSHOP, Proklamasi, Saint and Sinner the label

Necklace : TOPSHOP

Flowers : P.S. Bloomshop

Photographer : M. Rizki Aditya

Videographer : Gafirat Theo

Producer : Zhabila Aca


Muthia & Jagat Wedding (Pernikahan adat Sunda & adat Minang)

Muthia and Jagat wedding celebration was so very special. The wedding day was held in Balai Sudirman, Jakarta. Glamour green color were used throughout on the reception. For as long as we capturing the weddings, we know one thing that Jakarta just gets it. They know how to do traditional wedding in a way that is modern and fun.

Muthia and Jagat creative personalities reflected in their wedding design. From wedding invitation, souvenir, and decoration, was so pretty. The entire day was fun and full of joyness. It was so lovely to see how Muthia and Jagat followed all procession from akad, until reception with full of love. They are using Sundanese traditional attire for akad nikah, and Minang traditional attire for the reception. They chose a green color for the reception because it is Muthia's favorite color. "Every detail of the wedding took a cue from our love journey" Jagat's said. Muthia and Jagat had a good contribution of our ideas to captured every moment of this beautiful moment. See our entire gallery and get amazed!