A beautiful and lovely baby Shea (Aqiqah Documentation)


Meeting Hanny and Satria again felt like turning back the time when we chatted remotely to discuss their pre-wedding photos and wedding ceremony.

The time difference that occurred (at that time Hanny & Satria were studying in Australia) did not hamper their event preparations. They are happy to discuss in detail what they want for the documentation of their wedding.

Six years later, we finally meet again to discuss the documentation of the ‘Aqiqah' for their dear daughter, Shea.

It still feels like before, Hanny and Satria are still warm and friendly. It's great to be reunited with the addition of a beautiful and adorable new family member.

Dear Shea, may you grow into a beautiful, healthy, strong and virtuous child and may you always be showered with love, as you are nurtured with the love from your wonderful parents.

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