Vanny and Giri's Graceful & Classical Javanese Wedding

Vany and Giri wanted something traditional and classic for their wedding. Something that will not be swayed by trends. That is why they carry out their weddings in Javanese customs at the wedding ceremony and for receptions with attires and decorations that are very thick with Javanese nuances.

For the ceremony, Vany wore a white kebaya with brown batik cloth. With soft and natural makeup done by @andaws Vany, it looks both beautiful and elegant. Giri, the groom, wore a white beskap and a brown batik blangkon, matching the cloth she wore.

During the reception, Vany and Giri changed into a black velvet kebaya complete with gold-colored accessories. The two of them looked very harmonious and their faces were filled with happiness.

For their wedding decoration, Vany and Giri wanted a classic Javanese d├ęcor that will not be eaten by time. @suryodecor can translate Vany and Giri's wishes very precisely and gracefully. The decoration for their event is dominated by dark brown color, decorated with lush green leaves which are complemented with white flowers. Very beautiful and elegant.

Because Vany's father likes music, they performed the band TheSoulful to accompany the guests who attended. And in the middle of the party, Reza Artamevia was present to bring his flagship songs and ended with the song "Berharap Tak Berpisah" which at that time became a hit again. Reza Artamevia went up to the altar to be able to sing with his parents and family.

Veramo wedding as a wedding organizer can organize this very beautiful and memorable wedding event, not only for the bride and groom and family but also for guests.

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Makeup: @andaws
Paes: @sanggar_liza
Decoration: @suryodecor
Entertainment: @thesoulfulband
Guest star: @rezaartameviaofficial
Venue: @hotelbidakarajakarta
Wedding Organizer: @veramo.weddings