Always Better Together (Oki & Rafi Prewedding)


It's no different from a wedding. For the pre-wedding, Oki and Rafi also used two traditional themes (Palembang and Javanese) and one additional casual theme. During the pre-wedding photo shoot, they also seemed to enjoy the photo session. They look good with all the pre-wedding photo themes. So far, their pre-wedding photo is also one of our favourite photos.


Better Together (Oki & Rafi - Palembang & Javanese Wedding)

We believe that there is no other pleasing and charming couple more than Oki and Rafi!

They are chatty, warm, and humorous. And when we first met them, it felt as if we were old friends reuniting.

Even in preparing for their wedding, they seemed to enjoy every process. They have complete trust in the vendors they choose. Do not hesitate to ask vendors for their opinion regarding their event. And that is also what makes us vendors do everything with joy.

They use two traditional customs in their marriage. Palembang customs for the Akad and Javanese customs for the reception.
All family, friends, and relatives were seen mingling together at their wedding to give prayers and congratulate them for their happiness.

 Oki and Rafi, we can say that they are better together.

Le Motion
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

Makeup : @marlenehariman
Hairdo: @iie_hiasrias
Attire: @zainalsongketofficial
Wedding Organizer: @lublyuwedding
Venue: @hotelbidakarajakarta