Culture Revolve - Betawi & Flores

Hello! We’ve got one exciting thing and we can’t wait to share to y’all! For our latest project, we have collaborated with Dalang Indonesia to present you all with the majestic Indonesian culture. And this time, our photoshoot theme highlights the strong Betawi and Flores artistic culture. 
We’ve got a deep love for Jakarta as it has been our sole place where we stay and live. For that we reason, we chose to uplift Betawi’s culture. Also, we put soft pastel colors on show this time instead of the usual bright and fun colors with hope to inspire more bride-to-be and art enthusiasts out there. Dalang Indonesia helped us out in the making of the backdrop by pairing a pink pastel with a sky-blue Tumpal fabric together with a yellow flower in the centre.
On top of that, we unveiled Flores culture as an addition touch to our project. Last year, we had a chance to travel and explore Flores. The breathtaking scenery and the people’s warmth will always resonate us for a long time and we want you all to feel it, too!
 Dalang Indonesia built a forest miniature, which made us feel like we were in a real Flores nature. And the attire worn in the photoshoot is Tenun Ikat Flores that made up of natural materials. It may takes around 6 months to a year to weave the textiles.
Lastly, Le Motion wishes this Culture Revolve project will show people the natural and cultural resources wealth of Indonesia is beyond imagination.

Model : @amiwaw
Makeup : @ochiipramita
Hair do : @ratnabela
Kebaya : @belsbee 
Top : @satustudios
Tenun ikat : @noesa.satu
Accessories : @noesa.satu
Decoration : @dalangindonesia
Photographer : @andriazmo
Stylist : @wiarpinaardin