Traditional Bugis Wedding of Dania & Rajul

Dania & Rajul had been together in a long-term relationship but it took a while for them to walk down the road of getting married. Not to say that they questioned their bond, but prior to marrying the love of her life, Dania's only concern was the disclosure to the family. She felt like they needed to seek an approval and obtain a full support from both parents before they move on further.

Finally, with 2017 approached its end, Rajul's parents decided to come and meet Dania and her family and asked for permission before Rajul would propose. Apparently Dania's parents were very happy. It was a huge relieve to them when they heard a clear cut answer of "yes" from Dania's parents. The fact that they came out successful is very heart warming, with both families were fully supportive of their decision. Both parents clearly showed that they have their children's best interest at heart. Its probably the most amazing feeling to see two families merge and get along :)

Fast forward to the big day, all guests can't help but falling in love with the cosiness and warmth of the ambience in Dania & Rajul's wedding. And thats what we love the most about Dania & Rajul: they did not get into the "its all about us" mindset when it comes to their wedding planning. They placed a lot of importance on their families and friends, too. They wanted everyone to feel the intimate and convivial atmosphere naturally. They ensured that all vendors involved must pay attention to this matter as much as them.

For the theme of their wedding reception, the pair chose Bugis customs.
Dania & Rajul's main color for their attires was silver ash. Besides wearing a Makassar traditional headpiece with tiny flower hair clips all over her hair, she also got her Bugis-style Paes done to complete her look. Both Dania & Rajul looked so graceful and stunning with all the ethnic accessories in matching shades with the attire. The crossover scarf that Rajul wore add a special touch to his outfit. 

Lastly, we would like to thank Dania & Rajul for simply being who they are, and for everything they have been for us. You two have the sweetest souls and we were very impressed with your gentle and kind attitude towards everyone. Your families were also very loving and caring. 

May you love and cherish each other forever after, 
and the years ahead be filled with everlasting joy.

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The Vendors
Venue: @bidakaragrandpancoranjkt
Organiser: @me_wedding
Make up: @ugie_mua
Decoration: @safira_decor
Lighting: @pc_light
Attire: @tamalate_daengasseng
Bugis hair-do: @harry_oesman
Catering: @alfabetcatering
Entertainment: @revis_entertainment
Guest book: @luvibukutamudigital
Invitation: @halley_invitation