Extravagant and Graceful Blue Themed Javanese Wedding Of Rara & Rasyid

Unlike most people, who often associate blue with feelings of sadness, the meaning of blue for Rara and Rasyid is the opposite of what the world sees. They think blue brings peace & calms their souls, which is why they chose blue as their main color for their wedding - and we really love this concept!

For the recitation and Akad Nikah, Rara was wearing a soft pastel blue attire. So beautiful, soft and elegant.  Whilst for the Siraman and Reception, she picked sapphire blue, which goes really well with a touch of gold. So extravagant and graceful.

We wished Rara and Rasyid the togetherness of a lifetime. May the love between you be deeper than the ocean, with happiness as broad as the sky. Just like how blue symbolises serenity, we hope that Rara and Rasyid will always find comfort, acceptance and joy in each other.