Zara & Anan Prewedding

At the first time we met them, we know it wouldn't take long for us to get along with this couple. In our opinion, they are such a great couple. Both of them are very simple and efficient. They didn't need a lot of consideration to choose us as they fully believe in what we will do for them.

On that day we ready to take their photo, the sun shines very bright, with the sound of waves, under the blue sky, they stare at each other, defining their love in every gaze. Needless to say much, they are able to express it through their body language in every picture that we are aiming.

But then suddenly the rain came down, which we thought would erase all the serenity of nature that we feel. But it didn't even alter and ruin their happiness, in fact, nothing ever could. They enjoyed the rain, just as the trees were delighted to welcome the rain.

Everything went well until the rain had stopped. This lovely couple was really enjoying their time together. We will show you their cheerful figure through these simple and unique concept of pictures.