Kelvin & Candrika's String of Fate

The early stages of Candrika & Kelvin's relationship may sound so common, but every "how we met" stories always fascinate us. We love to hear how fate works in mysterious ways. 
They were a longtime acquaintance. They went to the same high school and college afterwards, but never actually interact with each other. Not until that little thing called love got in the way, everything seemed to unfold naturally, and quickly. Later in 2017, it took them less than a month after their first meeting after 7 years of knowing each other, to make that thrilling announcement of their grand plan to tie the knot. Kind of like the saying, "when you know, you know.". And we agree to that, because we believe in the concept of soulmates. You could just instantly connect with someone as soon as your eyes meet. Its like your soul intuitively recognize its missing piece :)

If we ever get asked to choose our favourite clients ever, we'd easily pick Candrika & Kelvin. 
The pair is one of the most easy-going of all the couples we know. They are bright, warm and gracious in nature. With such warmth, we felt like we are lucky enough to have them more like friends than clients. Yet surprisingly, we made such a meaningful connections with their families, too! Whatever Candrika, Kelvin, and the whole families say or do, it felt so genuine and sincere. They all gave off such a pleasant vibe. And we are grateful for the moments we shared together.

Now that time passes by, with Candrika & Kelvin being thousand miles away from Indonesia, we are so glad that our friendship stays on against all odds. We hope to see you two again very soon to catch each other up on. Shall we meet halfway between us?

Le Motion Photo
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

The Vendors:
Wedding Organizer: @lublyuwedding
Venue: @theatriumsampoerna
Decor: @4sdecor
Make up: @christina_martha
Paes: Ibu Tinuk Riefky, @dewimeitasari
Siger : @gse_ekayana
Kebaya : @studioboh