Dhivi and Azwin prewedding photo shoot is such a very fun and lovely photoshoot. Why? Because the theme was inspired by UP movie. So we made the decoration including balloons, mailbox, books, treasure box, scarpbook, mini house and flower in case to make the decoration more beautiful and looks like UP movie. But another theme for this photoshoot, we took a formal session where the bride wore a pretty dress by Ferry Sunarto. We no need any details for decoration because lucky us! We’ve got a great venue.



There was a beautiful relation between Yovika & Andro traditional wedding concept with the bride. Yovika is a professional dancer, especially the female traditional dancer who has been go international. The groom from West Sumatera, and the bride was born in two cultures; Javanese and Melayu. That’s why we love the moment when Yovika showed her talent by did a ritual dance offer to her husband; Andro.
The Javanese traditional wedding ceremony consist of series of procession, such as pengajian, siraman pengantin, and midodareni. Pengajian is the starter for all procession, then Siraman did to both of bride and groom. Siraman meant to clean and make Yovika and Andro pure and holy. The next procession is Midodareni. After the Javanese traditional wedding ceremony, Yovika & Andro still had Malam Tepung Tawar from Melayu and Malam Bainai from West Sumatera.
When all the traditional wedding procession were done very properly, Yovika & Andro just arrived in their big day. West Sumatera culture in their Akad Nikah and Javanese culture in their wedding reception. Happier, the closest friends of both were gave them flashmob surprise. Well yes, Yovika & Andro wedding was so lovely and very festive! J

Yovika & Andro
Photo & Video : Le' Motion
Make Up : Irwan Riady, Mamie Hardo, Marlene Hariman
Decoration : Ebie Moekti, Des Iskandar
Venue : The Ritz Carlton Jakarta
Kebaya & Beskap : Ferry Sunarto
WO : Tiara Josodirdjo & associates