Alika & Nando Minang Wedding

Alika & Nando's wedding is one of the most beautiful Minang weddings we have ever witnessed. All of course was done because it was arranged by the DND Wedding Organizer team who facilitated the couple’s wishes as well as being a bridge between fellow vendors.

For the ceremony, Alika and Nando wore black Lintau traditional clothes which were very beautiful and elegant.

For the reception, Alika wore a sage green kebaya from Anjie Asmara. It looks even more majestic with the blend of the champagne gold aisle of the Rumah Gadang from Des Iskandar.

All series of activities from the engagement,  quran recitation, akad to the reception all felt full of emotion and felt so warm. We are lucky to witness and be a part of their happy day.

Makeup: @rozanajulani

Attire & Accessories on Akad: @desisakandar

Attire on Reception : @anjieasmara

Accessories on Reception: @desiskandar

Decoration: @desiskandar

Wedding Organizer: @dndweddingorganizer

Entertainment: @deoentertainment

Venue: @hotelbidakara