Dita & Hersen Memorable Wedding

Documenting Dita & Hersen’s event feels like a reunion for us; where we see familiar faces during Dita’s cousin as well as Harsen’s sister’s wedding that we documented years ago.
Dita & Harsen decided to insert Palembang culture in their Akad. Although shades of red are often associated as the palette of the culture, the couple opt for off white & gold which can be seen in Dita’s suntiang. 

The Akad starts with harmonious Rebana sounds to welcome the bride & groom, proceeded with Ijab Qobul and closed with Sungkeman ceremony to each of their parents. 
For the reception, the couple adapt the classic Javanese style for decoration as well as the attires, with black & gold as the main color palette. Dita & Hersen look very nice next to each other, simply elegant yet very astonishing!

During the event, Dita’s father also give a special performance to not only entertain but also to have fun along with the family, colleagues & the rest of the guests. The special performance lighted up the event and was definitely one of the highlights.

We are truly happy to become a part of Dita & Hersen’s wedding and to become part of this family reunion. Once again, congratulations Dita & Hersen!

Le Motion Photo
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

Bride: @ardianita
Groom: @hersenmonarchy
Makeup: @fitriliza
Palembang Sunting & Attire: @viennagalley
Paes & Javanese Attire: @sanggarliza
Decoration: @agung_decoration
Catering: @alfabetcatering
Wedding Organizer: @senyum_cinta
Venue: #puriardhyagarini
Photographer & Videographer: @lemotionphoto