The Majestic Wedding With Javanese Tradition of Rufus & Grahita

The wedding of Rufus and Grahita was one of the most memorable ones we've ever been to. Ever since the first time meeting these two (and the big family, yes, the whole family!) we were so impressed by their compassion and generosity. We always get secretly thrilled meeting them - its so hard not to love such kind, warm and genuine people.

The wedding was celebrated in a more conventional way. Throughout their ceremony's proceedings, from Bleketepe, Siraman, Midodareni, Holy Matrimony, Panggih ceremony, to the actual Reception, Grahita and Rufus runs everything by adhering to Javanese cultural values and elements as much as they can. For their reception night, they created a stage that imitates the world famous Prambanan Temple, with all the tiny details you could possibly think of. How amazing!

In short, Grahita and Rufus managed to successfully throw a party that we bet will stand out in everyone's mind. Everything was perfectly planned to ensure all guests and vendors can enjoy an absolute blast in comfort. Le Motion felt so honored to be a part of this and we couldn't thank them enough for trusting us to capture such a beautiful wedding. We are most grateful for their appreciation, not only towards Le Motion but also all vendors involved. 

To Rufus and Grahita:

Here's to a journey, in love, to cherish forever! <3

Le Motion
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