Feels like It’s meant-to-be! (Terini & Ryan Pernikahan Adat Padang)

When first contacted to capture Terini & Ryan’s wedding, the one to make the initial wasn’t the couple but the then bride’s-to-be sister, Anggrey. Anggrey told us that she has been an avid follower of Le’motion in Instagram & enjoys the way we capture moments in such sngles, as well as the photo color tones. (Yeay!)

Because Anggrey, and her sister, Terini already familiar with our signatures, the whole process (from Pre-Wedding shoot to the production of the wedding album) is very smooth and we must say, delightful. 

They adapt Minang culture in their wedding, both for Akad and the wedding reception, which took place in Binakarna Room at Hotel Bidakara.
 The ceremonies went perfectly serene with such warm atmosphere.

Le Motion Photo
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters