The glow of majestic celebration - Renzi & Ricky's Wedding

A multicultural wedding! That's how we describe Renzi and Ricky's wedding ceremony. It was a grand international wedding yet still honored the traditions of our ancestors.

After the solemnization ceremony, the event continued with the Mangulosi ceremony. Mangulosi is a Bataknese customary tradition where the Ulos (Batak's traditional cloth) is draped over the shoulders of the bride and groom, symbolizing protection from all disturbances. Following the Mangulosi ceremony, the event proceeded with the Teapai ceremony, which involves drinking tea as a symbol of respect for the elders. For Renzi and Ricky's reception, they invited singer and Indonesian Idol judge, Judika, along with singer Sania. All the guests looked very impressed and entertained, especially when Renzi's mother appeared on stage and had a duet with Judika. All the family members and guests who were present looked very happy, and the warmth and intimacy were obvious at this grand wedding event.

A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters