From Singapore With Love: An unforgettable wedding story unfolds - Eras & Alga Wedding

We instantly felt immense joy when Eras' sister asked us to be the part of Eras & Alga's  wedding reception in Singapore.

Following the holy matrimony and traditional ceremony which had been conducted in Jakarta, Eras & Alga decided to hold an intimate wedding reception in Singapore, where they currently reside. The couple invited family members, colleagues & friends who were unable to attend the previous ceremonies in Jakarta to their special event at the Lion City. 
The event began with a tea ceremony, made specially for the respected elders & followed by a reception and friendly gathering. During this event, Eras and Alga delivered their speech and expressed their gratitude to those who attend & make time to be a part of their love celebration. The event became even more lively with toasts and attractive games participated in by the guests.
The entire event was filled with joy and warmth. As one of the vendors, we felt happy & honored to be a part of their wedding.
Thank you Eras, Alga, and your families, for trusting Le’ Motion. It's an opportunity we will cherish forever.

A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters