YANTHI & ADRI " Across The Universe "

An intimate relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by a considerable distance.

A long-distance relationship….

Most people would not like a LDR to continue for too long. At some point in time, the ideal is for the two partners to be together. Although it may not be clear from the start how the two partners will be together, where there's a will, there is a way. That’s when Yanthi & Adri decided they wanted to be together.


“Flowers are words that every living things can understand…”

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, they both cannot live without love from each other.

“…and the power of love makes them stronger to across the universe.”

It wasn’t easy to grow apart being so far away with poor communication. But a successful Long Distance Relationship should end in the two partners being close to each other, just like them. In conclusion, LDR can be challenging, however, they can work!

Photo : Le' Motion
MUA : Ayura

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