We’re so excited to know that Putri and Rafdi would did Lampung traditional wedding ceremony. The akad nikah and one of the wedding reception also was held in Lampung. So... Le’ Motion Photo went to Lampung! While another wedding reception was held in Jakarta the next two weeks.
It had already been a long time since the last time capturing this traditional ceremony. It’s also such a big appreciation to us for being trusted in capturing their precious moment in life. 
In Lampung traditional wedding ceremony, the bride called (Majew) and the groom called (Mengian). This wedding traditional ceremony started with Sujud Balak Mengian; the groom and his family visit the bride’s house bringing some traditional requirement. The groom came by sitting on the jepano based on his social level. The main purpose of this procession is a sign that the bride’s family already given permission to the groom. Also, awarding both of the bride and groom with a traditional title. It’s really a wonderful ceremonial!

Lampung Traditional Ceremony + Akad Nikah
Date: Lampung, 24-25 Agustus 2013

Beskap & Wedding Dress: Ria Miranda
Jibab, Veil & Accessories : Irna Laperle

Date : Jakarta, Sept 8th 2013
Venue : Birawa Assembly Hall, Hotel Bidakara
Photo & Video : Le' Motion Photo
Wedding Organizer : Sposa Event & Wedding Organizer
Decorations : Dewa Dekorasi
Make Up Artist : Anpasuha
Beskap & Wedding Dress : Ivan Gunawan

Hijab: Irna Laperle
Accessories: Rinaldy A Yunardi

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