Being a beautiful bride, a wife of the man she loved is must be every woman’s dream. That’s what happened to Afra. In her wedding day, she become a beautiful bride she dreamt of and become a wife of the man she loved, Assad. Afra and Assad’s wedding run beautifully. They look so happy about their wedding, it can be seen in their face. All of the guests are also excited to come and see their precious moment in life. The moment that every couple waiting for…

Akad Nikah: 
Masjid Al - Azhar, Kebayoran Baru - 7 September 2013
Makeup by Normamoi
Wedding Dress & Hijab by Irna La Perle

Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta - 8 September 2013
Makeup by Irwan Riady
Wedding Dress by Amy Atmanto

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