We had a wonderful opportunity to work with some fantastic vendors in Yaya & Zoka wedding. The wedding organizer, makeup artist, decoration and wedding dress designer; they are really great vendors. Professional in what they are doing and satisfying! While the bride and groom, Yaya & Zoka also really a nice couple. How we love them! They made us do enjoy the work.
This wedding is a kind of multiculture-wedding. Why? Because it took 3 culture. Javanese, Aceh and Makasar. Yaya is a Javanese and Acehnese, while Zoka comes from Makasar. 

Pengajian, Siraman, Midodareni:
Makeup : Tienuk Riefki
Dekorasi : Ebi Moekti

Akad Nikah:
Makeup : Tienuk Riefki
Kebaya : Vera Kebaya
Dekorasi : Ebi Moekti

Wedding Reception:
Makeup : Irwan Riady
Kebaya : Vera Kebaya
Dekorasi : Stupa Caspea

Wedding Organizer: Rumah Ide Organizer
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

Entertainment: Tulus & Bubugiri 

1. Pengajian & Boh Gaca Boh Inai

2. Siraman & Midodareni

3. Akad Nikah

4. The Wedding Reception

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