We could not be more excited to post these moment. A little Sundanese essence of Nova and a little Jambi essence of Ridwan blend into one cup of warm love. From romantic soft peach linens to a shimmery gold with colorful scheme, Nova & Ridwan’s glamorous affair brought the sparkle. They brought us some memorable wedding. After a Sundanese wedding reception themes at Bandung, the newlyweds goes to Jambi, where the groom’s family were living there. They held some Jambi’s wedding tradition, with the ritual dancing symbolizing of a reverence to all invited guest.

     It was a bright day when finally the day of Nova & Ridwan's tying the knot finally come. Different with any other bride, Nova was really calm and relax on that day. She still can bringing up jokes to our team and makes people around her happy. Not to mention the love that Nova & Ridwan have for each other and for others… it’s one that radiates, one that anyone who spends five minutes with them can tangibly see.

     Our wishes are they have so much happiness and joy throughout their years, wishing Lord will bless them tremendously, because they are truly one of a kind!

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