Tisya & Ferry Wedding (Pernikahan Internasional)

The story between Tisya and Ferry started from  junior high school in Santa Ursula BSD. As they choose different high school, then they decided not to resume a relationship. Even so, they still communicate at least once a year. In 2009, suddenly they met at a campus event. Short story, Tisya and Ferry decided to to the dating scene again.

They were dating for 5.5 years before getting married. On the 5th anniversary, they went for dinner. By the time the dessert, it turns out that Ferry already ordered a cheese cake, Tisya's favourites. When the cheese cake was served, it turns out there is already writing "Will you marry me?" and also the ring.

In choosing the concept of marriage, Tisya and Ferry had a deal since the beginning to use the international style. But rather because they have a background from Batak and Manado, they put several factors are indigenous in the wedding procession. It is aimed to show that they value and love customary each.


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