Ira & Ikhlas Wedding (Pernikahan adat Jawa & adat Aceh)

Ira and Ikhlas's extraordinary wedding focused on their traditional ceremony. Everything looks so gorgeous on their wedding day. They really wanted to create a traditional, and elegant look for their wedding. We frequently enjoy step by step on wedding ceremony until the wedding reception. Every ritual was deeply symbolic. It was such a beautiful blend of both their cultures.

Wedding Vendors :

Wedding Organizer : Bantu Manten

Make up & Paes : Ibu Mamie Hardo

Make up Resepsi : Irwan Riady

Decoration Pengajian, Siraman, Midodareni, dan Akad : Azka Anggun Art

Decoration Resepsi : Cut Marlyn Pelaminan Aceh

Photography & Videography : Le' Motion Photo

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