Le' Motion Photo 4th Anniversary!

Smiles and happiness are the heart of Le Motion. To create an eternal moment of two people in love and to capture memories that will last forever is where our passion is at.

In this 4th anniversary, we would like to thank all of our partners for what we have achieved together, until now. Thank you for sharing this beautiful adventures, moments and joys with us.

We are truly honored to have an opportunity to work alongside with the most talented and hard working people in this wedding business.

To the super man and super woman out there, who disguise themself as the wedding organisers for making it happen. To the magic hand of amazing make up artist who create the flawless brides looks, to the creative fashion designers who put their hearty effort in creating the most dreamy dresses, to the mission impossible team managing to create the wildest fantasy of the bride and groom aka the decoration team and to the great venues out there, we truly cherish every second that we shared together.

Let’s continue this journey together and create more smiles.

Le' Motion wouldn't have had this huge success and wouldn't be where it is today, without YOU!

4th Anniversary from Le' Motion on YouTube.

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