Lily & Adi Wedding - Javanese Wedding (Plataran Dharmawangsa)

Lily & Adi are one of our clients that were very easy to work with. However, they never skipped over the simple yet important detail in their planning of the wedding.They carry the traditional Java – Solo theme into their sacred ceremony. The venue was also decorated to match the theme faultlessly. We even can’t resist the goodness of various kinds of tasty food in their wedding party!

And what’s always been fascinating to us is how they made every part of the planning personal. For instance, Lily’s dearest friends did all the designing and printing of the invitation card. Also, Lily sewn up all the envelopes for the invitation card by herself! In addition, as Adi works in a farming field, so he processed the agricultural products into finger-licking good food as a souvenir. It turned out all of their guests tremendously enjoyed it!

Lily & Adi was so relaxed and comfortable with each other through their ceremony, and making sure that everyone had the fun feeling to it. They put faith in all the vendor’s work.

We, Le’ Motion, extends our gratitude to Lily & Adi for letting us capturing every single bliss on your special day :)

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