Nita & Nausa Wedding (Javanese & Aceh Wedding)

We are extremely blithesome when Nausa’s parents ask us to be the documentation vendor for their second child wedding. Once, we were working with them too on Nausa’s big sister, Ira’s wedding. They were very propitious and warm. They even treated us like their own family. They often joking and makes the working atmosphere more fun than ever.

That is exactly what we felt on Nita and Nausa’s wedding. While working with this family, we are never get tired or bored. Even all of the crew and vendors felt the same experience. Moreover, they were appreciate all the work that we’ve done.

The wedding of Nita and Nausa’s has a fairly dense concatenation. The first event is a recitation ceremony at home of each bride and groom. Then for the next step, they held a siraman. Nita uses a Sundanese tradition to implement the siraman while Nausa uses aceh traditional ceremony. What a harmonious cultural blend! This part is obviously our favorite! After the siraman, Nausa continue the rest of the events by performing the peusijuek tradition.

The series of pengajian, siraman, and peusijuek procession finished before night while after that, they were held the midodareni procession. As we know, the Javanese believe that the angels of heaven will come down to earth on midodareni night. They also said that the angels will come to the bride's residence to beautify the bride. And exactly at that time, Nita looks glowing and gorgeous. Especially with the addition of kebaya that modified with a shawl on the shoulders that are flown as if they were wings.

On the next day, Nita and Nausa held the akad, panggih procession and reception using a Javanese traditional custom. The akad and panggih ceremony was held smoothly and solemnly. While, the reception ceremony begins with the carnival and Gatot Koco dance that symbolizes the struggle in love until the couple can unite. The moment was very lively yet the guests were seen to be happy for the bride, groom and their family.

It was such an unforgettable experience! And for that, we would like to sent our most gratitude for the trust that has been given to us. It is an honor for us to be a part of this wedding. May Nita and Nausa always blessed with love and happiness as well as their family. Until we meet again!

The Vendor : 
Makeup & Hairdo - Paes : Mamie Hardo
Nita's Pengajian Attire : Ava Prolugue
Nita's WO Pengajian, Siraman, Midodareni : Sekar Lestari
Nausa WO Pengajian, Siraman, Peusijuek : Bantu Manten
Kebaya & Beskap Akad : Joko Sutono
Kebaya & Beskap Reception : Mamie Hardo
Venue Akad & Reception : Balai Sudirman
WO Akad & Reception : Bantu Manten
Entertainment : Marcell Siahaan & Bantu Musik
Catering : DPS Catering
Decoration : Azka Anggun Art

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