An Elegant and Dazzling Wedding of Intanta & Yudha (Pernikahan Adat Palembang & Padang)

This time we are going to tell a story of one of our favorite couple, Intanta & Yudha. 

Actually, we only met Intanta one day just before her wedding day, we even just met Yudha on the wedding day! Even so, we felt like we know each other since long ago. Intanta and also Yudha have very good personalities. They are friendly, warm and kind-hearted people and same as their family! This also helps us to do our job as their wedding photographer and videographer.

We are so in love with their both outfit of Akad and Reception. For Akad, Intanta and Yudha are wearing white traditional attire with the touch of gold. It fits them perfectly! They look elegant and stunning! Intanta is also using her beautiful Palembang’s Sunting that is originally called the Mahkota Sriwijaya.

For their reception, Intanta is using dark blue kebaya with the touch of silver sequins,
making Intanta looks very much graceful!
Meanwhile, because Yudha is a soldier, he uses his army uniform.

Their reception starts with a beautiful and solemn Pedang Pora ceremony. This is also one of our favorite parts of their wedding day. Pedang Pora itself is a ceremony that symbolizes solidarity, brotherhood, and as a way to ask the protection of god for the armed forces.

In the end, we thank you for being our very generous client and make us feel this fabulous journey together with the both of you!
Therefore, we wish both of you a happy wedding and may your married life be full of fun, love, joy and laughter!💗😍














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