A Minimalist Prewedding of Dania & Rajul

The prewedding shoot of Dania & Rajul spells out exactly what love is: sweet.
From deciding a theme to choosing outfits, Dania & Rajul managed to work everything out without too much of a hassle. The studio was transformed into a dreamy minimalistic styling with the tropical greenery as the main properties. The couple said they wanted to emphasis their shoot more on the display of the warm smiles and sweet relaxing feels shared between themselves.

The couple wear matching themed outfits. Dania in a white semi-transparent kebaya with beads on the collar and the openings of her kebaya, complemented with natural makeup, softly made bun, and ethnic loop earrings, she was incredibly elegant. Rajul was wearing a plain white top paired with a matching beige bottoms with Dania.

For the second session of photoshoots, we opted to feature the couple against a plain black backdrop in semi-formal outfits. Rajul was wearing a suit while Dania was wearing a peach dress with tutu bottoms. They both got to let loose and show more huge grins on their faces during this session.

All in all, the sweetness of connection of Dania & Rajul truly was incomparable! 
We are so happy as you two are starting lives together <3

With love,
Le' Motion
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

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