Esty & Adit Cute and Fun Prewedding!

This simple yet unique prewedding photo shoot is just so sweet!
Esty and Adit chooses to take the shoot indoor inside the unique cafe 
and outdoor in front of a wall covered by leaves. In the first session, they both chooses white outfit, with the hot coffee, the atmosphere, the heartwarming decoration of the cafe, this prewedding session suits them perfectly. 

The second theme, they choose to wear more formal yet cute outfit, Esty is wearing a lovely pink dress and Adit is wearing a suit with a pink bow tie! The artsy wall painting, the modern staircase, the architecture, all was so unique.

The theme and the dress is not only the things that we love, but also the environment when having a photo session between them is also our favorite part! Esty and Adit are humble and nice that's why it added more perks during the shoots!

-Le' Motion Photo

A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

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