Deas & Danny's Traditional Wedding With Pedang Pora Ceremony

It's a great honor to be a part of Deas & Danny's wedding day that were held a while ago.
 Starting from Engagement, Qur'an Recitation, Siraman, Ngeuyeuk Seureuh,
 Akad ceremony till the big Reception wedding party.

For Akad ceremony, Deas & Danny decide to have a Sundanese celebration because Deas' parents are Sundanese, so after the ceremony was finished, Deas and Danny started the sequence of Sundanese processions. The leader of the procession accompanied them both from every rituals full of meanings starting from sungkeman, huap lingkung or feeding each other with love, pabetot-pabetot, bakakak ayam and ends with saweran. Both of them looks so harmoniously together with the traditional Sundanese attire complete with the elegant Sundanese crown called Siger.

For the reception, Deas and Danny choose the traditional Javanese ceremony 
because Danny's family are from Java. Different from Sundanese tradition which use Siger, for Javanese, the bride uses Paes which is beautifully drawn by Pemaes
Because Danny is a member of the police forces, 
the reception begins with Pedang Pora ceremony.

The ceremony went solemn and gallant, starting from when the couple walks in the gateway that consists of twelve person of Pedang Pora troops that were face to face and one commander of the troops. They were in position and wear this formal signature police uniform.

We love how this couple never forget their roots. They seem enjoying every progress of each procession. Not once we've heard that they were exhausted in following every sequence of the traditional belief. What we see is the sincere and happiest smiles in every progress.

A fine Quote tells us, 
"You know when you're in love, 
you can not fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

By that, Le' Motion would like to thank this sweetest couple, 
Deas and Danny for the opportunity that has been given to us 
to be in every sequence of their wedding. 

Once again, Congratulations to Deas & Danny! 
May happiness find you in every corner of the globe!💓💓💓

-Le' Motion
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

The Vendors

Makeup Pengajian, Siraman, Ngeuyeuk Seureuh : @MarleneHariman
Make up Akad: @anpasuha_official
Make up for Reception: @bennusuromba
Kebaya Siraman & Ngeuyeuk sureuh : @verakebaya
Attire on Akad & Reception : @anneavantieheart
Decoration: @stupacaspea
Lighting: @etceteralighting
Catering: @akasyacateringandco
Homeband: @espressoband_id
Venue: @balaisamudera
Wedding Organizer: @milestone.wo
Photo & Video: @lemotionphoto


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