A Baby-welcoming Day for Tasanee | Aqiqah

There is nothing as exciting and unforgettable as your "first time" in everything. 
For instance, from your first time growing a tiny seed in your belly, your first time giving birth to a tiny human being, to that life-changing moment when you first time seeing your newborn child.

If you guys still remember our gorgeous and most favourite couple, Mazaya & Aldhi, who got married last year, we are delighted to share you this happy news to be excited about: their first daughter, Tasanee, is finally here! Make sure to scroll down to see how adorable she is!

The following photos were taken on Tasanee's Aqiqah day. For those who don't know, Aqiqah is an Islamic head-shaving ritual that honors the arrival of a newborn. 

That day, the entire house was beautifully decorated in pink tones. Everyone's outfits also revolve around the same hue. It was time for celebration. All family members and friends come together in excitement to welcome Tasanee. She is no doubt the centre of attention since the day she was born. And Mazaya, oh she is still as stunning as she was back on the proposal day! 

We'd like to extend our warmest congratulations to Mazaya & Aldhi for your gorgeous little princess.   Thank you for sharing the joy with us again. Dear Tasanee, we hope you can relive the day through these photographs we took. You are brought into this world by a loving mother & father who will take the greatest care of you no matter what. 

With love,
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