The Serendipitous Love of Firsa & Faris

Have you ever had someone whom you experience many coincidences with? 
Way too many coincidences that you began to think that those might be signs of something? 
Here's a love story of Firsa and Faris that is fuelled with series of bewildering coincidences.

Firsa and Faris have so much in common. They first met each other in 2012. They both went to the same university: Institut Teknologi Bandung and also studied the same major: Chemical Engineering, although they weren't on the same year. Now pay attention to their name alone and see how they consist of similar letters. As chemistry students, they would call this a "structural isomer", meaning two or more compounds with identical formulas. The coincidences doesn't end there. Surprisingly, back in their childhood days, they both lived in Bekasi and went to the same elementary school, but not knowing each other until then. Unbelievable!!!

A little fun fact of Faris & Firsa pre-romance story: Faris have approached Firsa to ask her out for 17 times but he ALWAYS got rejected. People would've told Faris to just move on, but he didn't wanna do so. Yet with that being said, it all didn't stop Faris to truly show Firsa that he was so genuinely interested in her. He has always been. And he was so sure that they were compatible. So he learned after every rejection experience, he worked on himself to be better and put in more effort every time. Faris believed that Firsa is a risk worth taking.

Then on Firsa's 19th birthday, Faris arranged a treasure hunt for Firsa. Faris and his friends have hid many puzzle pieces all around Bandung city. After Firsa has collected all the pieces and put them together, it turned out to be Faris's love messages, asking her for a chance if they could be real. Now, if we were Firsa (not forgetting all the struggle of Faris to be the "one" for her a while back), this time would've sparked her attraction to him and we would totally say yes. But Firsa didn't give a clear answer because she felt that they two didn't even know each other that well. Hang in there everyone, three days later, Firsa finally said YES! She even answered him with a puzzle, too! *shed happy tears*

Not long after they were officially together, Faris left to London for his Masters degree. Being drifted away from each other didn't break their bond at all, only made it stronger. They sent each other handwritten letters like what old couples do. The situation also pushed Firsa to go after her man, so she joined a summer school programme at Faris's university in 2015 so they could be close to each other again. Two years later, Faris completed his study and come home to Indonesia. Then they decided to join their lives in the covenant of marriage.

Congratulations, Firsa and Faris!
We hope we're captured your wedding day in the way you both dreamed of
and that you two will love revisiting the moments through the photographs, as much as we do.
Wishing the marital bliss shared between you two will still be as exciting as your relationship
with more repeated surprises, rainbows and blessings for your union. 

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