Tedak Siten Ceremony - The lovely baby Tasanee

Once again, we are given the chance to be a part in Mazaya & Aldhi’s family event, this time for the Tidak Siten ceremony for their dearly daughter, Tasanee.

The Tidak Siten ceremony was held at Mazaya’s parents’ residence in Ponorogo and we couldn’t help but reminisce to Mazaya & Aldhi’s wedding series from the wedding proposal, Siraman, Koran reciting, Midodareni, Akad and the wedding reception. 

The ceremony began with putting Tasanee’s feet to the ground on 7-colored Jadah/ Tetel. Jadah is a symbol of a children’s life and the colors represent the future journey of the child. The arrangement of the Jadah starts with the dark color and ends with white, symbols that there’s always a light (a way out) in each life’s obstacles.

The next part of the ceremony was the stair climbing procession. This ritual represents the hope that the child will grow into a person that can hold responsibilities and persistent.
After that, is the procession where the child is invited to enter a chicken cage that was decorated with colorful papers. The procession is a symbol that later in life, the child will face various tasks.
In this procession, the child was also presented with different kind of things to be picked (only one thing), such as ring/money, cotton, mirror, book & pencil. The child then allowed to pick the things she’s interested in, as a symbol of her future, including what may be her hobbies.

The Tedak Siten ceremony was then ended with bathing the child in a water filled with flowers and after, clothed on brand new outfits.

This part of procession also features 7 different kind of outfits, where the child will then wear the 7’th outfit presented. This procession symbols the hope that child will always be healthy, brings the great image for the family, live well, prosper and impactful for the environment. 

Hopefully, the elaboration of the Tidak Siten ceremony may extend the knowledge of our local cultures, especially for the young generation.

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