The Unforgettable Moments of Adrial & Anastasha's Wedding

The Unforgettable Moments not to be Missed! 

We rarely capture Bataknese wedding with a complete set of the traditional ceremonies; so when we were given the chance, we surely wouldn’t miss it!

Adrial & Anastasha entrusted us to capture not only their wedding reception, but the whole series of their wedding.

The series of traditional ceremony starts after the holy matrimony.
Marked with Pesta Unjuk where the bride & groom are welcomed by the guests in such splendid way, continued with Hula-Hula welcoming, followed with an announcement by Raja Parhata. The ceremony then proceeded with the acceptance of Tumpak &  giving away Jambar Juhut; in the same time Paranak ask for a moment to accept Tumpak. The guests that was invited by Paranak then formed a line, in order to put an envelope (usually with money inside) inside of the Ampang. The next part of the ceremony is Pembicaraan Adat & Ulos gifting. 

We enjoyed capturing every moment of the wedding ceremonies, such a rare moment to remember. We are grateful to be part of it.

Thank you Adrial, Anastasha & also their loving family for your trust!

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