The Dazzling Sundanese Traditional Wedding of Kayla & Tomy


When Kayla and Tomy planned their wedding. We were not able to directly meet the two of them. At that time Kayla was still completing her education at Tokyo. And Tomy is currently undergoing police training outside the city. We communicated via WhatsApp to plan their wedding in Jakarta.

Kayla is very simple and sweet. In harmony with Tomy who is also very friendly and warm.
Even though we only met twice - and our second meeting was during the wedding! - their attitude was very kind and family-like.

Their event is carried out with Sundanese cultural customs following Kayla's parents who are Sundanese. Previously, there were also recitations and showering at Kayla's parents' residence. Furthermore, akad nikah and reception were held at the Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta.

For akad nikah ceremony, Kayla wore a full beaded white kebaya and a bun decorated with seven pairs of beautiful silver rocking flowers. Seven rocking flowers that are placed on the bun have the meaning of sustenance and extracts of goodness for the bride and groom. Five flowers are pinned pointing forward and two others pointing backward. This symbolizes that women's beauty must be seen from the front and back. Tomy also uses Sundanese beskap with colors that match Kayla.

For the reception, Kayla wore a full beaded black gold kebaya and a silver siger crown. Looks good with Tomy who is wearing the white police uniform.

The reception began with a series of solemn sword ceremonies and ended with a performance by Kahitna, Kayla and Tomy's favorite band.

What a grande wedding and we love to see Kayla and Tomy never-ending smiles o that night. They looked like they really had a great time.

Congratulations once again to the happy couple! May your marriage be as perfect as your wedding day!.

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