Annisa & Sefrie Sundanese Wedding

When we talk about Anissa & Sefrie's wedding, we’d also remember how warm their family is, especially Anis’ parents. We really adore the attachment and warmth that were very noticeable even from the start of the pre-wedding photoshoot.

Anis's parents joined the couple at their pre-wedding photo session in Cirebon. Where it is the hometown of Anis' parents. We witnessed and learned how to build a strong & intimate relationship with a partner, as well as how to be great parents and role models for the children.

We are very happy to be a part of Anis and Sefrie's wedding and very honored to witness the harmony of their parents' families that we can emulate. And we also pray that Anis and Sefrie's marriage will always be full of happiness and warmth.

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