"Exquisite Elegance: A Magnificent Pedang Pora Wedding Ceremony" - Fahmi & Yuni's Wedding

We still remember our first meeting with Fahmi and Yuni. At that time, they didn't ask many questions about our portfolio. Instead, they chatted as if we were family. Not long after that, they requested a second meeting and immediately discussed their pre-wedding theme. Just like the first meeting, the second meeting went very smoothly and was enjoyable.

Yuni and Fahmi held their wedding ceremony using two traditions: Sundanese for the solemnization (akad) and Minangkabau (Padang) for the reception.

The solemnization was filled with emotion. Although it wasn't carried out with a complete Sundanese ceremony, it did not diminish the value of their Sundanese tradition.

For the reception, it began with the Pedang Pora ceremony because Fahmi is a police officer. It was followed by various traditional dances from the Padang region, each laden with meaning and messages.

The entire event was conducted with great reverence, joy, and grandeur.

We are very grateful to have been able to participate in their wedding ceremony. 

A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters 

Makeup: @anpasuha
Wedding Organizer: @rntorganizer @rntdanangwibowo
Venue: @bidakarahoteljakarta


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