"An intimate prelude to forever: Renzi & Ricky's enchanting prewedding bliss."


We are very pleased when Renzi & Ricky expressed their desire for a pre-wedding photo with a Chinese Peranakan theme. It's a theme we don't often encounter. In this theme, Renzi wears a cream-colored cheongsam dress with sweet green accents. It looks harmonious with the shirt worn by Ricky.

Renzi's appearance is very beautiful with a touch of natural makeup and to complement Renzi's look, a hairpin is also adorned, adding to Renzi's overall elegance.

For the other pre-wedding themes, Renzi and Ricky chose casual and formal themes. We opted for bold colors for the formal theme. Meanwhile, for the casual theme, we chose softer and more cheerful colors.

A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters 


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