Muthia & Jagat Wedding (Pernikahan adat Sunda & adat Minang)

Muthia and Jagat wedding celebration was so very special. The wedding day was held in Balai Sudirman, Jakarta. Glamour green color were used throughout on the reception. For as long as we capturing the weddings, we know one thing that Jakarta just gets it. They know how to do traditional wedding in a way that is modern and fun.

Muthia and Jagat creative personalities reflected in their wedding design. From wedding invitation, souvenir, and decoration, was so pretty. The entire day was fun and full of joyness. It was so lovely to see how Muthia and Jagat followed all procession from akad, until reception with full of love. They are using Sundanese traditional attire for akad nikah, and Minang traditional attire for the reception. They chose a green color for the reception because it is Muthia's favorite color. "Every detail of the wedding took a cue from our love journey" Jagat's said. Muthia and Jagat had a good contribution of our ideas to captured every moment of this beautiful moment. See our entire gallery and get amazed!

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