Farah & Dirga Wedding (Pernikahan adat Jawa & Internasional - Surabaya)

We feel excited the first time Farah contacted us and asked us to be involved in her wedding ceremony that is held in Surabaya. As a Jakarta-based photo vendor, what an honor for us to get the chance to capture the moment to this Surabaya wedding. Attending to Farah and Dirga's wedding is a valuable experience for us. The first time we arrived to Surabaya, we went straight to Farah's house, that is when we met Farah for the first time. Farah turned out to be a very fun and energizing beautiful human being. This woman can't hide her excitement on the due date, talking about her preparation for the wedding tomorrow. Other than that, Farah's families welcomes us very gracefully. One of the many things that we can't forget is when we arrived at Farah's house, her parents treated us with many incredibly tasty traditional Surabaya cuisine. We enjoyed it so much with Farah and the whole family.

Farah and dirga convinced that their sacrilege wedding will make the ceremony more incredible. Every rundown, including the pengajian, wedding ceremony, until the reception went smooth and according to plan. The wedding ceremony that is held in Farah's house was so great and fulfilling, it serves as an extra energy for us to make the moment lasts forever.

The reception ceremony is held in Dyandra Convention Hall the following day, still at Surabaya. Farah and Dirga chose international style with a touch of champagne color for their costume. We had a chance to talk with Dirga, He said that for this reception ceremony, he and the whole family chose the closest best friends to be his best man in the aisle. As if the ceremony can't get any sweeter, Farah and Dirga dances to their favorite song that they love since they were dating. Farah and Dirga looked so happy that night, We can't stop taking pictures to capturing the moment. We genuinely hope that Farah and Dirga will always be a happy couple, ever after.

The Vendors :

Wedding Organizer : Celtic Creative

Make up : Joice Ananta & Lenny Wijaya

Hijab : Ita Hijab

Attire : Dolaap Kebaya by Elok Re Napio

Decoration : Eden decoration


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