Kania & Restama Javanese Wedding at Puri Begawan Bogor

We knew Kania long before she finally decided to get married. Kania is a friend of one of our clients and also a friend of one of our videographer. When Kania come to us with Restama and tells us that they will get married, we are beyond happy! Especially when she told us about the concept of their marriage.

Kania and Restama adapted the rich yet majestic culture of Javanese Jogja as their wedding theme. No wonder because both Restama’s parents come from Jogja, as well as Kania’s mother. We were so excited when Kania told us all the details about her wedding. As clear as crystal, Kania also told all the vendors that
she let them choose what’s the best for the wedding. For that, we are more than grateful to be one of the vendors.

In addition to the concept of marriage, Kania and Restama are very concerned about the attendees who will be present at their event. Kania wants them to feel the atmosphere of an old Javanese culture. All that dream are embodied with a Javanese decoration with Joglo House. The details of every corner and decoration are fascinating that light the atmosphere of the wedding.

Not only that, there are jamu gendong and collection of gamelan on their wedding. They also provide a playground with typical Java toys! We love how Kania and Restama being so considerate about the guests whose bring their children. Moreover, all of things are arranged very neat and authentic. Overall, Kania and Restama’s wedding is one of our favorite! The cooperation between the vendors finally actualize the dream wedding for Kania and Restama.

We would like to extend our most gratitude to Kania and Restama for letting us capture this beautiful wedding and become a part of the wonderful moment .

Congratulations once again, Kania and Restama. May god always gives happiness to your marriage.

The Vendor :

Pengajian & Midodareni
Bride's Attire : Joko Sutono
Event Styling & Decor : Ma' Fleur Indo

Akad Nikah
Makeup & Paes : Puri Kamaratih
Bride's Attire : Anggi Asmara
Groom's Attire: Sundjoyo
Event Styling & Decor : Gaia Nata
Catering : Akasya Catering
Wedding Organizer : Adhyakti Wedding
Invitation : Peony Invitation
Souvenir : The Bath Box
Entertainment : Idang Rasjidi
Venue : Puri Begawan Bogor

Wedding Reception :
Attire : Puri Kamaratih

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  1. Thank you very much lemotion for the kindness and patient from Engagement to Ngunduh Mantu