Mazaya & Aldhi Engagement

We always love when a lovebirds finally decided to get ready to know each other further. That's why, we always get excited when our clients ask us a favor to capture their engagement day. The day when they are one step closer to the edge of a precious love story. 

Our sweet couple, Aya & Aldhi have known each other for a long time. Even their families have known each other for quite a while. So, when they decide to get married and carry out an engagement, their parents are very pleased.

The engagement event was held at Ponorogo because by any chance, Aya's parents are native on that area. When the day is come, we are rushed off excitedly because this is our first experience coming to Ponorogo! We can not wait to feel the atmosphere and enjoy the authenticity of Ponorogo.

Furthermore, the events are divided into two parts. The very first event is the introduction between the families. On this event, Aldhi convey his intention and purpose coming to Ponorogo is to propose Aya and ask blessing from Aya's parents. Meanwhile the second event is a ring exchange event.

Both events went streamlined and covered by a sense of kinship. A sense of romance radiated through Aya and Aldhi’s attire within a pink color and combine it with a bold brown color through batik. Just look of how elegant Aya’s Kebaya that beautifully made by Intan Avantie. Other than that, all the members of families are also very happy because they are ready to begin a new journey. And for that, we are very grateful to witness such a wonderful moment.

Congratulations to Aya & Aldhi and both families. We hope the preparation went smoothly and see you on the wedding day <3

 The Vendor :

Makeup : Inez Inggrid
Kebaya & Beskap : Intan Avantie
Decoration : Sono Kembang
Photography & Videography : Le' Motion

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