Rani & Adit Traditional Javanese Wedding (Pernikahan Adat Jawa)

The culture on the Island of Java is still being strongly upheld and maintained as an identity by its people over the centuries. The culture itself reserves so much beauty, dignity and deep meaning behind it. This can be seen through, for instance, the wedding ceremonies that reflects the culture's sacredness. 

For the most part, through Rani & Adit's wedding procession, we were presented with a series of rituals that carries Javanese cultural values. It started with the Siraman, Midodareni, religious Matrimony, Panggih ceremony, then ended with the wedding reception. On the whole, the entire sequence demonstrated a beautiful blend of cultures and religion that touched the hearts of us all. 

We personally loved every details prepared by the bride and groom for the big day. Unlike all other brides we've worked with, Rani decided to wear white Kebaya on her Midodareni night. And whatever Rani wears in every part of the procession, everyone gazed upon her beauty.

Love is a beautiful thing and that's what Rani & Adit had shown us. From the beginning, both Rani & Adit were already beaming with joy and confidence. During the reception aka the celebration time, all guests looked content and energised by the fun atmosphere, including us from Le' Motion!

Once again, congratulations to Rani & Adit on getting married.
We wish you two all the sunshine and rainbows for the married life.

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