Anna & Harsa Traditional Javanese Wedding! (Pernikahan Tradisional Jawa)

If you ask us how we would describe Anna & Harsa's Holy Matrimony ceremony the other day,
we'd say: Tying the knot, reciting a lifetime vow, being watched by your loved ones in a divine and glorious place, just like what every couple have always dreamed of.

Anna & Harsa's very special day was held in Jakarta Cathedral.
We all somehow could feel the amazing atmosphere of celebration during the ceremony.
It went very intimate and dignified with plenty of laughter, lifted by their chosen songs of praise.
Believe it or not, even the birds are out and chirping!

The Holy Matrimony was then followed by a joyous wedding reception,
which endorsed a complete Javanese customs and rituals, including the Panggih ceremony.
The Siramans and Midodareni had also been done the day before.
Anna & Harsa's best friends and colleagues who were not Indonesians seemed so blown away in witnessing the enjoyable series of rituals of traditional Javanese / Indonesian wedding.
They kept asking the meaning behind each practices.

Without a doubt,
Le' Motion feel fortunate to be trusted in photographing moment by moment of this wedding day. 
To Anna & Harsa, best wishes for your fun-filled life together.
You two are truly made for one another.
Thank you for treating us like family😊💕

The Vendor :
Make up: @petty_kaligis
Hair do: @wiwins85
Dress: @lukmanabadi
Decor: @dewadecoration
Photo & Video: @lemotionphoto
Venue Akad & Resepsi: Gereja Katedral Jakarta & Gedung Dhanapala

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