A Romantic Back-To-Nature Journey of Feli & Reza. (Prewedding Bali)

Bali, is the nicest place on earth especially when it comes to a special prewedding photo session with your other half. Feli and Reza had given us a moment to appreciate the nature, the sea, the river, the forest, the sunset, and all the beautiful things that sometimes we don't notice, and it truly was an incredible moment we will never forget, and so will you!

These four themes featured a breath-taking scenery and a romantic session of this lovely couple! Harmonising with nature is simply a good decision for you who wants to have a prewedding photo with a little bit of exciting adventure!

They say, "There is nothing more calming than embracing the salty breeze of the sea while gazing into the sunny sky with my significant other."
This was truly a fun prewedding adventure!

-Le' Motion Photo
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters


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