Traditional Sundanese and Minang Fusion Wedding of Felli & Reza

Another traditional fusion!
This time is the fusion of Sundanese and Minang!
Oh, how we love our traditional heritage!
Their wedding procession begins with Qur’an recitation at Feli’s place, Siraman or Showering as to clean the bad within the brides, and Bainai night.

A little story about Bainai Night, 
its a traditional event of the Minang people that was held the  night before the wedding. 
It is held by the bride family and usually when the bride is the 1st daughter of the family.
 In this traditions, 9 women will put a nail polish made of inai's leaves on the bride's nail. 
The meaning behind this sequence of procession is to let everyone know that the family are about to let go of their first daughter into her marriage life. 

The Akad were in traditional Sundanese as Feli looks fabulously stunning with Sundanese siger, the traditional sequence of Sundanese were solemnly performed and the last is the traditional minang for the reception party, Feli was very gorgeous with her peach sequins dazzling kebaya! This is unique because some of the time in minang tradition, the bride rather choose the color red or gold instead of peach for their wedding attire.
Felli managed to make it different in a good way. 

The wedding was incredible!
Everything seems very perfectly planned by Feli and Reza themself.
A warm congratulations to both of the newly wed couple, Feli and Reza! May your marriage will filled with laughter and joy!

-Le’ Motion

A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

The Vendors

Make up Akad & Reception: @anpasuha_official
Minang Sunting: @desiskandarwedding
Kebaya & Beskap: @verakebaya
Stage: @desiskandarwedding
Decoration: @airydesigns
Lighting: @uplightpro
Seserahan: @seserahan_by_rosearbor
Entertainment: @deoentertainment
Attire for Qur'an Recitation: @merrasofficial
Make up for Qur'an Recitation, Siraman & Bainai Night: @maharani_nilla_makeup
Attire for Siraman and Bainai Night: @desiskandarwedding
Akad & Reception Venue: @balaikartini
Wedding Organizer: @dndweddingorganizer
Photo & Video : @lemotionphoto

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