Acha & Lukman Traditional and Casual Prewedding

So in love with Acha & Lukman's classic prewedding concept. The theme is inspired by historic Javanese potraits. Some of couples chooses to embrace their roots on their prewedding shoots. The traditional and historic atmosphere really shows in every sequence. Acha with her dark blue velvet kebaya and Lukman with his Javanese beskap attire takes us back to the old days. The elegant beauty shown in a harmonize color perfectly pictured the deep romantic feeling.

The second theme is casual but decent. Both of the couple decided to take their prewedding photoshoot inside of a studio. Acha chooses to wear a silver dress with some beautiful patched ornaments of flowers and Lukman wears dashing black suit and tie to complete the package!

Looking at the first picture above, as the Javanese ancient quote said, " Anggere aku nyawang sliramu, Rasane, kabeh macem roso bungah ning alam dunyo mandeg deg ono ing ngarep netraku" which means "When I saw you, I see all of the edges of happiness in this world stop in my eyes."

-Le' Motion Photo
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

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